En tant que professeur émérite, c'est-à-dire à la retraite, Rémy Prud'homme n'assure plus de cours réguliers, mais seulement de rares et brefs enseignements, dont il donne ici le descriptif et les lectures demandées.

As emeritus professor, Rémy Prud'homme no longer teaches regular courses, but only, and rarely, some brief courses. The reader will find here the material prepared for these courses.


Outline of a course to be taught at Universidad Javeriana, Bogota, June 29-July 10 2009. The teacher will try to speak in Spanish, but will often fall back on English. Most of the reading material is in English. Participants can ask questions and clarifications in Spanish.

Session 1 – Transport markets and policies– Characteristics of transport as a good (or service). Measuring transport output (value terms v. physical quantities). Various segments or markets. Transport policies: justifications and modalities.Assignment A will be distributed. Participants will form groups of 3-5 people, and each group will prepare a brief written paper – in Spanish if desired - for session 4. The topic will be : Estimating in value terms the various transport markets of Colombia

Session 2 – Transport and economic growth – How and why transport and transport investments contribute to growth. Classical views. Aschauer’s contribution and its limits. Urban transport and the efficiency of cities.
To read : Prud’homme & Lee 1999; Prud’homme 2005; World Bank 2008a, chapter 2; World Bank 2008b, chapter 6.

Session 3 – Project evaluation – Principles and practice of cost-benefit analysis, as applied to transport projects. Valuation of externalities and of time. Ex ante and ex post numbers on costs and patronage. Examples. Paris tramway.
To read: World Bank 1998, chapter 1 & 11.
Assignment B will be distributed. The topic will be a cost-benefit analysis of a tolled bridge in Greece. The required data will be provided, and the groups of participants will prepare a written paper – in Spanish if preferred - to be delivered at session 8.

Session 4 – Public-private partnerships in transportation – Shortcomings of public-public provision of transport investments or maintenance or operation. Potentials and difficulties of PPP.
To read : Prud’homme 2005a, Prud’homme 2005b
Assignment A to be collected

Session 5 – Open . Discussion of assignment A.

Session 6 – Congestion – The economics of congestion. Optimal level of congestion. Congestion pricing, and more generally tolls. The experiences of London and Stockholm. Congestion in public transport.
To read: Prud’homme & Bocarejo 2004

Session 7 – Traffic restraints – The case of Paris policies. Do traffic restraints induce modal shifts ? The case of high speed trains.
To read : Prud’homme and Kopp 2008

Session 8 – Other examples of transport policies. Controlling air pollution, CO2 emissions, safety – Economic instruments v. norms. The success of norms and non-economic instruments in air pollution and safety. The CO2 debate. Carbon tax, markets for emission rights, bonus-malus. The Brazilian vale transport.
To read: Prud’homme 2001; Prud’homme 2002
Assignment B to be delivered

Session 9 – Open. Discussion of assignment B.

Session 10 – Conclusions.   

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